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Paws small desktop fan USB interfaces cartoon mini

Paws small desktop fan USB interfaces cartoon mini saving small fan for Neo-F01


Model: For Neo-F01

Package size: 7.6 * 16.5 * 17

Product features: small fan desktop environment

Color: green, pink, blue, gold

Power cord length: 1.5m



1. Innovative energy-saving motors, fan soft material, noise-free treatment;

2. The design inspiration from the bear's paw footprints, fashion cute, give you encouragement when you clap yiyu frustrated, full of positive energy;

3. Innovative energy-saving technology, seven days a kilowatt, directly connected to the computer or other power use via USB cable;

4. With the soft blades, even physical contact will not cause harm, three fan blowing, flexibility strong, fast and cool air mild effects.



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