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USB futaba motor ultra quiet dual fan mini fan sma

USB futaba motor ultra quiet dual fan mini fan small fan creative students for JLK-WT819A


Model: For Neo-JLK-WT819A

Material: ABS

Product size: 100 * 70 * 130mm

Product Weight: 186g

fan Material: PVC (7.5cm)

Voltage: 5V

Power consumption: 1.3 strong, weak 0.7

airflow strength: Strong 6.5, weak 5

Noise: 34 strong, weak 26

Switch type: knob type

Color: pink, white, black, blue



1. Dual-motor air by two different blades is achieved by rotating in opposite directions at the same time reducing the amount of wind and noise and processing speed;

2. Humane touch tilt angle adjustment, easy and simple to use;

3.USB 5V charger computer USB port.

Futaba fan works and functions:
1. Reverse the wind two powerful air motor for you, more important than any other fan products on the market can be said to be very quiet, adjustable air volume products, a total of third gear, 0 files closed, 1 -2 steps corresponding to different wind cover removable only after the whole product, easy to clean, the other is one;
2. Product use high quality motor, rated life 2000 hours, power is only 1.2W-0.7W, whether in any USB interfaces are easy to use power;
3.2 file volume up 34 db, and air conditioning for indoor use 1P almost dry sound, which can be ignored, the product can be up or down 30 degrees to adjust for.
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